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Performance Management

A good performance management system aligns individual goals and behaviours with the organisation’s purpose, strategy and objectives.  It changes mindsets and drives a culture of engagement, retention and high performance.

Challenges Organisations Face

In our experience, problems with performance management typically manifest in one, or more than one, of the following symptoms:

  • Low levels of engagement
  • Negative mindset or culture
  • High staff turnover
  • Low levels of team or individual productivity
  • Individual or team performance not supportive of the organisational business objectives and agenda
  • People unsure of what they need to do to be recognized or what to focus on (too many objectives and demands)
  • Misalignment of performance and reward leading to confusion on direction and priorities
  • Difficulty in implementing a new strategy or changing direction in the business
  • General ‘unhappiness’ with the performance management system (not fair, don’t understand it, don’t see how it relates to me and my work, not relevant, not important)
How People. Performance. Reward. can help you

We work closely with your leadership team and other stakeholders to design a process that will work for your organization.  We have expertise and experience in all of the following areas of performance management consulting:

  • Overall process design including key activities and checkpoints as well as roles and responsibilities
  • Timeline and frequency for key conversations like goal setting and feedback and review
  • Guidelines on objectives and Key Performance Indicators (business, team and individual)
  • Process for target or goal setting and guidelines for your organisation
  • Supporting forms and documentation
  • Performance appraisal guiding criteria and ratings guidelines for individual performance
  • Alignment with the organisation’s reward mechanisms and incentive plans
  • Communication and training programmes and support for managers and staff
  • Review and independent audit of your performance management process and / or performance outcomes


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